In case you weren't already shaking and crying awaiting the new One Direction album, 'Take Me Home,' we have the track list of the physical 'Yearbook Edition' to get you even more excited.

The 'Yearbook Edition' boasts 17 (17!!) tracks, starting with their current hit, 'Live While We're Young.' The band already broke records with their lead off single, making it the fastest-selling digital preorder of all time (to quote Kanye West: "of all time!"). Though the song and video leaked early, it certainly didn't hinder sales, as 'Live While We're Young' has been at the top of the iTunes singles chart since its Oct. 1 midnight release (though it's been swapping spots periodically with Taylor Swift's 'Red').

The track titles are perfect for the teen and tween demographic, with titles like 'Summer Love' and 'Last First Kiss.' So cute! Also interesting? 'They Don't Know About Us' -- is an 80's cover in store? We'll have to wait til Nov. 13 to know for sure. The song also features two songs written by their fellow Brit and BFF Ed Sheeran.

In a recent interview, the band -- especially Zayn Malik -- admitted to sometimes struggling with fame, and we hope that they're learning to deal with it, because they're only getting bigger. They're also growing up, evidenced in the "Tonight let's get some" refrain of 'Live While We're Young' -- and 'Rock Me' sounds like it's going to be pretty rollicking, too. Gear up, 1D -- it's only getting bigger from here!

One Direction, 'Take Me Home' Yearbook Edition Track List

1. 'Live While We're Young'
2. 'Kiss You'
3. 'Little Things'
4. 'C'mon, C'mon'
5. 'Last First Kiss'
6. 'Heart Attack'
7. 'Rock Me'
8. 'Change My Mind'
9. 'I Would'
10. 'Over Again'
11. 'Back for You'
12. 'They Don't Know About Us'
13. 'Summer Love'
14. 'She's Not Afraid'
15. 'Loved You First'
16. 'Nobody Compares'
17. 'Still the One'

Watch the One Direction 'Live While We're Young' Video