One Direction sat down for an interview with an Australian TV show, and, as is typical of the boys, were cheeky and hilarious the whole time. What'd they talk about? To start: sobbing fans, shoes and puberty. Yes, you read that right.

When asked about the hysteria surrounding the band, they were more fascinated than freaked out by it. "I want to know the psychology behind it," Louis Tomlinson said of crying Directioners. When asked if he'd cry over a celebrity encounter, Tomlinson replied, "I think when I was 8 or 9, if I met the actor who played the red Power Ranger ... but I don't know if I'd cry." So presh!

Liam Payne revealed that the band's new record is a bit closer to their hearts than the first. "I think the songs on this album are a bit more meaningful," he said. "That's the main difference, really. It's a bit more live." When asked about the sounds on the record, Zayn Malik joked that Liam just finished puberty. When the interviewer asked how they dealt with that, Louis, ever the joker, replied, "He got a bit hormonal at times." Zayn added, "He used to have a bit of a squeak in his voice."

"We wanted the music to grow with us as we were growing up," Niall Horan said, "but there's not a drastic difference because it's only been a year since we made the last album."

The boys also dished on their 'X Factor' days and how possessive some Directioners can get over the boys -- especially Harry Styles, who assured, "I don't think it's the majority of the fans who are like that." Always the diplomat!