One Direction sat down for Ireland's 'The Late Late Show,' and they cleared up a ton of recent rumors that have been going around about the band. And, as usual, they made us giggle doing it!

Niall addressed his squirrel attack rumors (you know, the ones he started himself!). "No, no. I actually have a recurring football injury," he said. (FYI: Across the pond, "football" refers to "soccer!") "I've dislocated my knee 10 times in two years." The audience rushed to sympathize, offering a massive "Awwww!"

Then the big question: What's up with that Taylor Swift private dinner invite? The guys all deflected the question on to one another -- but they ultimately all denied getting invited to dine with the country crossover.

The conversation quickly shifted to Harry Styles' rumored desire to settle down. He clarified the rumors of being desperate for a girlfriend, explaining, "It's not like I'm looking for someone, but if I found someone I liked..." It's okay, Harry. We know you're just waiting for us, right? Right?

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, who are famously (and heartwrenchingly) taken, explained how they manage their sometimes-long distance relationships, Louis with Eleanor Calder and Zayn with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. "I wouldn't say it's hard. It obviously has its difficulties, like when you're away all the time," Zayn said. "When you get back to them it just means so much more." What a romantic!

Louis concurred. "It gets hard when you're away, but we spend enough time together when we're in London, especially recently," he quipped. Cute!

Tune in to find out what happened when Liam Payne tried to kiss Victoria Beckham, what Louis and Harry really think of "Larry Stylinson" and more. These guys are way too much fun!