Here's to hoping the boys of One Direction really don't get sick of each other over the next few years! According to MTV UK, the blokes have reportedly signed another contract with Sony that stipulates the band must stay together for the next 36 months. Are they allowed breaks? That's a lot of time to spend with anyone ... even Harry Styles.

So what happens if they have a huge blowout fight and someone leaves the band? It will negatively impact how much money the remaining band members receive. A source said that guys of 1D have to stick together for three years and release an album each of those years. At the end of that period? They'll be flush with ca$h.

In the past, both Zayn Malik and Liam Payne have expressed frustrations with their sudden and enormous fame. We hope One Direction have long and happy careers, especially as it impacts their payday for the foreseeable future!

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