Directioners, listen up! We’ve got some more details about that super exciting One Direction Christmas special that’s airing on Dec. 23! We know, details like these are pretty much like Christmas coming early on its own, so who knows how exciting things are going to be when the show actually airs.

So. The details. It looks like the special -- which was recorded during their recent stay in Orlando -- will see the guys playing songs off their latest album, 'Four,' as well as some older tracks off their previous three albums. Hey guys, we know it was recorded already and everything and the odds that you would have played 'Nobody Compares' are less than slim to none, but if you ever feel like busting that one out for a live show feel free to let us know when and where. Just saying. Whatever it takes is fine.

Ah, but that's not all! Not merely content with a show based solely on performances, apparently we'll see footage of the boys surprising fans on rides around Universal Studios! We can't lie -- we're totally jealous of those fans. But we're excited for the visuals, because then we'll be able to pretend we were there, stunned into shock by Zayn's unparalleled beauty. Sigh.

The official website specifically says: "[The special] will offer a rare inside look at the wildly popular band through a combination of documentary material, comical stunts and musical performances." We're trying not to hone in on 'comical stunts' but we can't help it. If it's anything like 1D Day or their 2012 'SNL' skit, we know it'll be good.

How excited are you guys for Dec. 23?? Definitely not as excited as we are.

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