One Direction's new album, 'Take Me Home,' is set to include two songs written by Ed Sheeran, one of which may be the band's next single.

In an interview with MTV News, the British singer-songwriter opened up about the tunes, which he wrote a while ago about his ex-girlfriend.  “One of them is kind of a getting-back together song. One of them is an appreciation song,” he said.

That's about all the 21-year-old can reveal about the songs, but he did add that one will likely be the boy band's next radio release. “I can’t say the titles. The song that I think will be the single, one of the singles, is kind of a very sweet song," he explained.

This isn't the first time Sheeran has worked with One Direction. He also penned the song, 'Moments,' which appeared on the band's debut LP, 'Up All Night.' Louis Tomlinson said last year that Sheeran's tune was his favorite on the album.

One Direction is currently riding high on their latest single, 'Live While We’re Young,' which arrived last week. The song is the lead track from their sophomore album, 'Take Me Home,' which is scheduled to be released on Nov. 13.

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