Strangely enough, both One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer have dressed up as the elderly. In what is probably the weirdest poll we've ever created, we have to ask: Which band looks better as old people?

Four out of the five members of One Direction have gone incognito as the elderly at one point or another throughout the band's career. Louis and Niall were insanely convincing as the older, crotchety movie execs in the group's 'Best Song Ever' vid, while Harry and Liam made for a pretty adorable old couple in the Take Me Home Tour opening clip. (Seriously, tell us that Harry doesn't resemble Mrs. Doubtfire!) Consider this a PSA to get Zayn an old person costume, stat.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, 5 Seconds of Summer decided to show up on a Jingle Ball red carpet dressed like a group of old people. The guys are known for their goofy antics, but this one might take the cake. Let's set the scene for you: Picture Ashton and Calum looking like dapper silver foxes with gray mustaches and super preppy ensembles, while Luke and Michael instead opted for the more homeless women route, complete with long, flowing skirts, multi-colored scarves and handbags.

Which band looks better as old people? Cast your vote for 1D or 5SOS in the poll below!

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