True facts: Both One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer have songs called '18' and we're obsessed with them both. Which '18' is your fave?

One Direction's '18' is undoubtedly one of our favorite tracks off of 'Four.' The ballad -- which was penned by Ed Sheeran -- gives us all the romantic feels, especially when the guys all harmonize with those swoon-worthy vocals of theirs. Plus, the song also boasts "let's split the night wide open," one of our fave 1D lyrics of all time.

5 Seconds of Summer's '18' has a decidedly different feel than 1D's -- it's electric, upbeat and all about wanting to turn that magical age where everything (well, in Australia, at least) is legal. Whether 5SOS is rockin' out to '18' live in concert or the track just happens to come up on Spotify -- one thing's for sure: You simply cannot sit still once those sweet sounds hit your ears.

Whose '18' do you like better? Cast your vote for One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer in the poll below!

Listen to One Direction's '18'

Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's '18'

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