With 'You and I' becoming the latest single from One Direction's 'Midnight Memories,' we couldn't help but compare the song to Lady Gaga's hit by the same name. While the tunes are decidedly different in terms of sound (1D's version is a slow ballad while Gaga's is a rock anthem), we just have to ask: Which artist's version of 'You and I' do you like better?

Lady Gaga gets props for being the first of the two to put out her version of 'You and I.' The song, which ultimately went 2x platinum and was nominated for a Grammy, appears on her second album, 2011's 'Born This Way.' 'You and I' is a much more rock-influenced tune than Gaga's other work, featuring a heavy drum beat and some serious guitar riffs. Mother Monster absolutely kills the vocals on the rock-n-roll heavy hit, proving that she is much more than just an eccentric icon -- girl can sing.

Directioners all over the world were super psyched to hear that 'You and I' will be the latest single off of One Direction's 'Midnight Memories.' The ballad, which will hit pop radio on April 15, perfectly showcases each of guys' smooth (and swoon-worthy) voices. And the lyrics -- melt! We're pretty sure that every girl out there who listens to this song is picturing themselves as the "you" and 1D as the "I" that "nothing can ever come between." Sigh...

Whose 'You and I' song do you like best? Cast your vote for One Direction or Lady Gaga in the poll below!

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