Woof woof. One Direction are going to be on the road for the foreseeable future and with most of the guys in long distance relationships with their lady loves (more on that in a second), they are looking for some comfort and companionship on the road. No, that's not an open invite to rabid Directioners to get really up close and personal. Turns out the boys are lobbying their management to bring a dog on the road with them.

In a recent video chat, Niall Horan is answering questions about the band's style and clothing, confirming that "we choose what wear, but we have stylists who work with us and who know what we like. They get us options and colors." The ladies who style the boys are named Carolina and Lydia, for the all the Directioners encyclopedically logging trivia questions and answers regarding every aspect of the boys' lives.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Louis Tomlinson says, "We are going to get a dog on tour. It has no relevance to the question, but we are trying to persuade our management, woof, woof."

A 1D dog? What should they name the canine? Tell us your suggestions, PopCrush readers.

Now, about the boys and their girlfriends? Well, Zayn Malik has won the approval of Perrie Edwards' mother, Debbie.

She told The Sun (via STV), "They make a lovely couple. I think they’re really good for each other." Even though the pair are often on different sides of the world and far away from each other, they stay in contact via phone. Mom said, "Zayn is still on tour, so most of the relationship is being conducted over texts, calls and emails." Aw, how sweet.

Zayn gushed upon admitting the relationship, having said, "We're incredible, everything's going great. We're buzzing," while Edwards, whom he met on 'X Factor,' said, "I'm really happy. When you both do the same kind of thing, there's more understanding because you both get it ... and it's more exciting when you see each other."

Watch One Direction Reveal They Want a Dog on Tour