Pop music, as a genre, gets an unfair amount of flack from music critics and the general public alike. Anything with a clear-cut formula is often deemed throwaway garbage music dreamed up by some loser with a Casio keyboard. But it's not easy to write a huge hit, music and lyrics included -- just ask the Capital FM worker who wrote a parody of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

During a recent visit to the radio station, One Direction "performed" said parody version of their breakthrough hit, something that probably reinforced their decision to go on an extended hiatus. Whoever re-wrote the lyrics crammed in some references that no longer apply to the group (Harry’s affinity for older women), some they'll never escape (Simon Cowell calls Liam on the phone, sure) and, at times, an oddly accurate one (Louis’ propensity to forget lyrics on stage despite it being the core of his job).

Niall, meanwhile, does get a kick out of the mention of that time some golf clubs dragged him down to the ground during a live television interview. And, admittedly, that’s a great memory to relive. Let’s do it now!

They also managed to cram both Zayn's departure and the group's impending hiatus into the minute-long snippet. It's a nice walk down memory lane, that ends upon the mangled remains of One Direction.

Check out the video above to see the revised version of "What Makes You Beautiful."

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