One Direction took Z100's Jingle Ball by storm, opening the show. Just a few days earlier, the band performed to a sold out crowd headlining Madison Square Garden themselves. It begged the question: "Does this feel like deja vu?"

"I don't think you ever get tired of walking into that room," Harry Styles said. Z100 DJ J.J. asked if they preferred opening stints to headlining bills -- because by 9:45 they can be snacking on shrimp cocktail instead of singing their hearts out. Styles' bestie, Louis Tomlinson, said yes: "But only for those reasons you mentioned."

"These shows are always nice because everyone knows when they are, and everyone gets so pumped for them," Styles added.

When J.J. asked the band about how social media drives them crazy, it seemed like the question was directed at Hazza, whose relationship with Taylor Swift resulted in the 'Red' singer getting death threats from Directioners. The band deflected the question with paper planes.

Speaking of Styles and Swift, the pair were spotted sharing her dressing room and signing autographs together -- then leaving MSG hand-in-hand. Haylor's real, kids!