Okay, while we love the guys of One Direction, if we had $3.2 million to spare, we wouldn't be buying a futuristic house like the one Zayn Malik decided to purchase!

The 19-year-old bought the home in the English countryside, but because of it's white and chrome exterior, it looks just a tad out of place -- but clearly Malik could care less, as the house comes with five bedrooms and a huge outdoor swimming pool.

U.K. 1D fans, before you try and find his house, you should note that it's located way back from the road and is behind a guarded security gate, so we don't suggest trying to hop the fence! Although we'd applaud your efforts in trying to do so.

Since he's been busy doing the boy band thing, he left the hauling and moving of his personal belongings up to the professionals, and boy did they come across some odd items. Not only did they have to unload Malik's blue motorcycle, they also had to move not one, but two life-size figures of the singer -- and it took three men to do the job! One of the figures is Malik dressed in white with a red glove, and the other features a black jacket and a hat.

Uh, Zayn, what exactly do you plan on doing with these? Is this a Halloween prank?!

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