Is One Direction hottie Zayn Malik a terrorist?! That's what one rather nutty right-wing blogger is saying. We should warn you that this post contains quotes which may offend anyone with an open mind or more than two brain cells.

The Sun reports that Debbie Schlussel warned parents to “keep their daughters away” from One Direction because of Malik is Muslim. Not cool, lady! Schlussel ripped on poor Zayn for tweeting about Ramadan to fans, then ranted, "The scary thing is that millions of girls in America and around the world are infatuated with the members of One Direction, including Malik. He knows the power he has over these mindless girls and is using that influence to preach the Islamic faith. It’s dangerous."

Uh, what?

She also got made at Malik for sporting a keffiyeh, which is a short scarf, because she thinks it's a symbol of Islam. Uh, even if it is, zillions of other people wear identical scarves. Are all hipsters Muslim, then?

She continued, “With the boy band One Direction, it’s all about pimping Islam amid the deceptive visage of angelic, effeminate boys in a band. Yup, for them there is definitely One Direction: facing Mecca."

Obviously, Schlussel isn't playing with a full deck, and Zayn has a ton of supporters in his corner.

One of them, screenwriter Wajahat Ali told The Sun, "What we have seen in the last 10 years is that you can be an artist who is Muslim and can be practicing and doing art that is inspired by your beliefs, but does not have to be overtly Islamic or using religious language. A guy like Zayn Malik can really help open those minds and convey that as a generation we are moving ahead.”

You do you, Zayn. Don't let prejudiced dopes get you down!

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