Zayn Malik of One Direction has added yet another piece of art to the canvas that is his body. The Bradford bad boy added a controversial tattoo to his already-plastered bod: a gun. We guess this hottie shoots from the hip indeed!

Malik's black-shaded pistol is on his impressively built abdomen, close to his hip. The words "Don't think I won't ..." etched next to them. Scary!

Tattoo artist Louis Perez III of Mark Mahoney Shamrock Social Club, where Malik and his bandmates have previously gotten tattoos, posted a photo of the work, which he later deleted. Why? Because Directioners were already clamoring for the singer to get it removed!

Some particularly hawk-eyed Directioners spotted Malik and 1D member Liam Payne entering the shop and picking out the design before exiting. You can check out the clip above and see Malik's actual tattoo in the link below. Do you think it was a wise move?