One Direction's Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber are bros, so naturally, they enjoy bro hangs. Malik revealed what goes on at bro downs and hang sessions at the Biebs' crib, the thought of which is enough to make the heads of any Directioner or Belieber explode at the thought of it.

While Malik was quick to point out that they are not BFFs, they are bros and that their closeness in age makes them magnetically drawn to one another. "I wouldn't say I know him on a best friend level, but he's got lots of advice," Malik revealed. "Me and Niall [Horan] were saying that it must be cool for him to chill with him people his own age, because a lot of people around him are older."

Malik actually hung out with the Biebs at his L.A. crib after the MTV Video Music Awards in September. What did they do? It wasn't glamorous: they ate noodles and skateboarded.

"We just chilled out, and we were hungry and decided to cook noodles," Malik said. "He has a half pipe in the back garden and I thought it would be clever to go on it and I fell over and hurt my ankle. It was annoying he was so good on it."

Malik also revealed how the 'Boyfriend' singer's house is laid out. There are no pics of the Biebs perched atop tables or mantles, but a massive canvas image of Bob Marley adorns the living room.

"The house is just wow," Malik said. "The garden's amazing. There's a little hill thing and you're on the edge of a cliff and you can see mountains. His TV is bigger than 60 inches."

A view of the mountains and a TV over 60 inches in sizes? Oh, the advantages that accompany life as a pop star.

The Biebs looked Malik and Horan up when he hit their native U.K. "He came to my house. [Girlfriend] Perrie [Edwards] was there, and he spent the night with me and Perrie," Zayn said.

Relax, he didn't spend the night that way, people. Get those brains out of the gutter. It was much simpler and the hang sesg consisted of a fast food meal. We can't call it a bro hang, since there was a lady present.

"We had KFC," Malik said.

It's the simple things in life, really.

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