Directioners may notice some fresh ink on two members of One Direction. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik -- arguably the band's biggest heartthrobs -- recently got new tattoos.

MTV reports that Malik now has a life-sized microphone etched on this inside of his arm, with the cord wrapping around his wrist. His bandmates poked fun at his new body art onstage in Los Angeles by holding their own actual microphones where his was drawn onto his skin. Cheeky, boys!

Styles got an addition to a tattoo he already had. Styles added Temper Trap's lyrics "won't stop 'till we surrender" to a star he sports on his arm.

Saturday's show was certainly a fun one. Aside from getting new ink, the boys were also pelted with undergarments onstage -- and the freshly tattooed duo were the ones to pick up the goods. Another fun moment? The band did the 'Macarena' onstage! We have a feeling antics like these may be why their live DVD is such a huge seller, though Harry's tendency to strip and be stripped may help, too.

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