Zayn Malik is considered the bad boy of One Direction, and now his sister is getting a bad rap too. Doniya Malik got some serious side eye -- and a stern warning -- from 1D's management over selling items with the band's logo in her own webstore.

The Sun (via SugarScape) reports that Doniya genuinely meant no harm and didn't mean to intentionally infringe on any One Direction copyrights.

Doniya didn't specialize in 1D merchandise, but rather took orders from customers for personalized items. Since many of her buyers were well aware that Doniya is the sister to one of the hottest boy banders on the planet, a lot of them requested customized, personalized One Direction-themed items, to which she obliged.

“Doniya had no idea she was doing anything wrong," a source said. “She was mortified when she heard it was a problem and took the site down immediately.”

Doniya went on Twitter to deny any problems. While we do believe she didn't have any bad intentions and was innocently enough filling orders that she received, the story does sound like it may have legs -- when you're in as big a business as the biggest boy band on Earth right now, there are legal and accounting eyes everywhere.

It truly sounds like it was all a big misunderstanding -- and it'd be a shame for her to shut down her entire shop because her other designs are seriously cute.

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