Zayn Malik is One Direction's self-appointed bad boy -- and he's also the band-appointed pretty boy. Fellow 1D members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan have dubbed Malik the most vain out of the boy band. To be fair, look at him. If we had that face, we'd stare into reflective surfaces all day too.

"Maybe I look in the mirror a bit too frequently, but that's because I care what I look like," Malik admitted to Sunday Life (via SugarScape). "But I really don't think I'm massively vain. I am probably around a six or seven vanity-wise."

He added, "I get the brunt of the mickey taking when it comes to being vain. I get made out to be the worst member of the group but the truth is we’re in a boy band so you have to be a little vain to keep yourself looking smart."

He does have a point, doesn't he? And let's be real, you know Tomlinson spends a while getting ready -- suspenders take work to pull off -- and he loves to take pictures of himself, too.

Malik has previously admitted to taking really good care of himself. "Even if I’ve got a day off, I’ll still have a shower, do my hair, all the normal stuff," he said. "It’s not that same grooming as for TV or anything, but I do like to look after myself."

How can you hate on him for that? He's not just doing it for himself -- he's doing it for everyone lucky enough to gaze at him all the time. (We bet Perrie Edwards doesn't mind, either!)

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