On OneRepublic's new holiday-themed song 'Christmas Without You,' singer Ryan Tedder is distraught about the prospect of being apart from his baby on the big day.

Tedder describes how being sad at Christmas time is the worst, because everyone else is so cheerful during the holiday season:

"It's almost midnight where you lay your head / But I'm calling numbers, buying plane tickets in bed / Every channel on the TV, 'It's a Wonderful Life' / I don't feel so wonderful on this cold winter night."

Tedder says that even though he's missed birthdays and Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving celebrations (what kind of relationship is this, anyway?), he's on his way home for Christmas.

"Oh, the snow is on the ground," he sings. "The days getting colder, I'm comin' home now / Go ahead and light the fire, turn that Christmas tree on."

The mid-tempo song's somewhat bland instrumentation may not make it a perennial Christmas favorite for years to come, but couples who are forced to be apart during the holidays may find some comfort in 'Christmas Without You.'

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