OneRepublic drummer Edward Ray Fisher had a bad day, it seems. The skinsman was arrested in Denver, Colo. this morning (May 15), with cops claiming he flipped out and went into a destructive rage, according to TMZ. A destructive rage? Yikes.

TMZ also obtained the kit minder's mugshot, which you can view by clicking below. Check out his forehead, which boasts a circular, bloodied injury that made us say "Ouch" upon looking at it. That thing looks painful. It's not been determined how he sustained the gash, but it's likely due to his "destructive rage."

Fisher was booked for destruction of private property, disturbing the peace and assault. Further details on what he destroyed and why, not to mention how, are TBD. We'll fill you in as we find out what the heck happened. All we know is, "it's too late to apologize." Sorry, we had to...

Fisher, 38, resides in Denver. He is due in Denver County Court tomorrow (May 16) to answer the charges.

Remind us not to piss this guy off…

UPDATE: ON May 16, Eddie Fischer pleads not guilty to charges Read about it here.

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