Brian Bradley certainly won the judges over on 'X Factor' with his swagger and braggadocio. In fact, former IDJ head L.A. Reid  said he was hopping for someone like Double B, 14, to walk into his office during his time there. Bradley was like the male Willow Smith, a pint-sized firecracker brimming with grown up talent. His video for 'Stop Looking at My Mom,' the original song her performed last night, is online and expect the views to increase exponentially. This is no Rebecca Black scenario. Bradley's super-talented and has a professional video to back up his skills.

In the clip, he's wearing aviator shades, a thick gold rope chain, a Mohawk and a baggy white tee bearing the song's hook, title and signature phrase. He knows how to shamelessly self-promote and why not? He's got the urban look and style down and his flow is unstoppable.

He's in a park in Brooklyn as he raps and effectively tells dudes drooling over his mom to step off.
He is protective of the woman who birthed him, rapping, "That's my mother / She's fit / Pretty sick / Like no other."

When hip-hop is often criticized for objectifying women, Brian Bradley celebrates and respects 'em!

The video is listed as "Astronomical Kid," so perhaps that's his stage name?

Watch the Brian Bradley 'Stop Looking at My Mom' Video