With a girlfriend (we assume) who resembles Rashida Jones, an A-list name and a sweet hat, what doesn't Orlando Napier have going for him? Not much, now that he's officially a member of Team Adam on 'The Voice.'

'Lando rocked out a soulful rendition of John Mayer's 2006 ditty, 'Waiting for the World to Change.' Equipped with a big black piano and an even bigger passion for the craft, the former party kid laid it all on the line for his dad. Orlando shared that as a kid he spent more times partying and getting in trouble than focusing on what matters, which eventually ended him in jail following a bar fight, driving a stake through his relationship with his father.

Since cleaning up his act, Orlando and his pops made amends and even perform in a band together -- but 'The Voice' hopeful is anxious to see how the show can help him get his name out there even further.

Orlando lived up to the hype and picked up the interest of Adam Levine, who told him, "Within the first line of the song you had this impeccable, smooth timing," he said, adding that he thought, "'If he sounds so good at this point, he's got the thing.'"

Levine said he couldn't imagine not having Orlando Napier on his team, and given that he was the only one to spin his chair, he got his wish -- Napier is the final contestant to round out Team Adam.

Watch Orlando Napier Perform 'Waiting for the World to Change' on 'The Voice'