Just in case there was any doubt that the family of Otis Redding is cool with Kanye West and Jay-Z borrowing the late singer's voice for their new song 'Otis,' Redding's daughter has announced that she sanctioned the sample and is "honored" the hip-hop stars asked to use it.

Karla Redding-Andrews explained to Billboard, "We really like the song and the swagger elements that are in the song. It speaks to the star that Otis was in his day."

She further explained some of the history of how 'Otis' came together: "We first heard about the song in early July, end of June ... There was a back and forth about whether the name of the song would be 'Otis' or 'Otis Redding.' And we just wanted to make sure lyrics and references in the song worked with the legacy of my father. To have two current, legendary artists use the legendary music of Otis Redding, we were quite honored."

Redding-Andrews said her father's estate fields lots of requests from artists seeking to sample his music. As for what determines whether the estate grants permission for a sample: "It always amounts to respect to Otis. That's what my mother has always put on the table, first and foremost. It always depends on how it's used and what the artist has going on at the time. All of that goes into play."

'Otis' appears on 'Watch the Throne,' set for release in August. The rappers are teaming up for a North American tour starting in September.

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