Outasight's 'Tonight Is the Night' has been finding a growing audience since it appeared on 'X Factor' and in Pepsi ads earlier this month. Now, the song has been re-worked with a Varsity Team Mixshow Remix.

The remix adds electronic elements to the infectious dance-pop track but keeps the fun vibe of the tune intact, as Outasight rap-sings, "And I don't know better but as far as I came it felt like forever / Seconds turn to hours, days turn to months, another year pass by but don't feel like much / So if I got one chance, I'mma make y'all dance / I'mma have as much fun as I can and figure out the rest when I etch out a plan."

The only part of the remix that falls flat is the sing-along hook, "Woo, woo-ooh ooh ooh," which has actually been slowed down, giving it less punch than on the original track. Aside from that, we like the Varsity Team Mixshow Remix almost as much as Outasight's official version.

'Tonight Is the Night' has cracked the Top 40 on the Pop Songs chart. Though he has several mixtapes under his belt, Outasight is still working on a proper studio album.

Listen to Outasight, 'Tonight Is the Night' (Varsity Team Mixshow Remix)