Earth as we know it has perished, but Owl City’s Adam Young and rapper Shawn Chrystoper carry on in their space suits in the new sci-fi video for 'Alligator Sky.'

As expected, the planet is deserted, but it looks like we humans went out with a bang, because there are streamers, balloons and red Solo cups lining the empty streets. Lucky for the Owl City singer, he and his quick-mouthed buddy can "breathe easy" in helmets as they walk the beautiful landscape and take dirt samples of what was once Earth.

Finally, the boys make it back to their rocket ship (?!), and blast off into space. As they go "off like a rocket from the ground up," we get flashes of home footage from Young's head, memories of a more peaceful time before the pair lived on Mars or whatever, we guess.

The 'Alligator Sky' video goes about as far north as north can go, and we're huge fans of the singer/songwriter's innovative nature. "So the concept is basically about these two guys who are leaving Earth," Young dishes in a making-of video. "Rather than it being this very dark post-apocalyptic vibe, it's very optimistic, and so it's like people are excited to leave earth." ... Those that survived, anyway!

'Alligator Sky' appears on Owl City's new album 'All Things Bright and Beautiful,' which makes its landing June 14.

Watch the Owl City 'Alligator Sky' Video