Just a few weeks after Panic! at the Disc's Spencer Smith formally announced his departure from the band -- a real blow to fans, even though most saw it coming -- the group dropped a new single called "Hallelujah," because Brendon Urie refuses to give up.

And why should he? Panic! may be a completely different machine from the emo dance-pop band of its Warped Tour heyday, but "Hallelujah" is a perfect demonstration of why a sonic evolution is so necessary. The track is gospel-inspired pop perfection with blasting horns, a huge chorus and Brendon's signature impassioned vocals. There's nothing mopey or bleak about it; "Hallelujah" is a celebration.

Brendon -- the band's only member left from its original 2004 incarnation -- wrote on the official website about the track. He said, "As I begin what feels like a new chapter of my life, I’m filled with immense excitement and a fresh sense of hope. I’ve seen this band through every phase, every change, every hardship. And yet my appreciation and love grows with every breath."

He went on to thank fans for sticking with the band over the past 11 years, through every iteration of its lineup and punctuation (remember when they dropped the exclamation point? and then brought it back again?). Brendon wrote, "...you make me want to scream “HALLELUJAH!” from the top of my lungs with every bit of fervor and strength I possess. And I invite you to join me as you have over and over again."

Listen to Panic! at the Disco's "Hallelujah" above!