Virginia rockers Parachute are back with a brand new song called 'Hearts Go Crazy,' and we've got your first look at the single artwork.

The cover shows a blurry silhouette of a woman spinning around as sparks fly nearby. That fits in with the lyrical themes as Will Anderson sings, "I want your love, I want your heart / They try so hard to keep us apart / They say I will treat you bad / But I'ma be the best thing you've ever had / I'm gasoline and you're the spark / You set me off here in the dark."

Anderson has already performed the song live in an acoustic setting and called it, "My favorite song on the record." The studio version includes vibrant keyboards and layered background vocals as Anderson describes a powerful attraction between young lovers.

'Hearts Go Crazy' will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, Feb. 26 here. The song is expected to appear on the group's yet-to-be-titled third album, which follows 2011's 'The Way It Was' and 2009's 'Losing Sleep.'