Paramore, fronted by the button-cute, flame-haired spitfire Hayley Williams, cover the January 2012 / Most Anticipated of 2012 issue of the youth music bible Alternative Press.

With members having bolted in between the band's last album and now, Williams and her mates battled through the drama and are now in a better place and looking to have some fun. Because after all, isn't that what band-dom is about? In the accompanying story, Paramore speak about how they found a way to have fun again.

"I felt so bad for the longest time, because we made being in a band look like it wasn’t fun," Williams mused. "In my opinion. Other people might not have thought that, but you imagine all the interviews we did where it was just like, 'Uhhh...'" Every band goes through these phases.

"It's important for young people to know how much fun it is to make music with your friends," Williams stated. "You have to fight for it, of course, but it's the biggest gift to play music for people, and it's a gift even if you're not playing for anybody. It's fun, and I'm excited. We're stoked to have that spirit revolving around this [forthcoming] album and just relax into the process."

The January issue drops on Dec. 1 at wherever fine magazines such as this are sold. If you want to find out what is going to be hot and impact youth culture in 2012, then it's best to read this particular issue of AP from cover to cover, music fiends!