Paramore reveal a surprising country music influence on 'In the Mourning,' the latest offering from the pop-punk band via their fan club. A gentle acoustic guitar guides the track, which, as its title implies, has a melancholy tone.

Hayley Williams sings, "You escape like a runaway train / Off the tracks and down again / My heart's beating like a steamboat tugging / All your burdens on my shoulders / And in the mourning I'll rise / In the mourning I'll let you die / In the mourning, all my worries."

She reveals the essence of 'In the Mourning' when she sings, "You were the greatest thing / And now you're just a memory to let go of." The song allows Williams to show the softer side of her voice, resulting in a track that sounds like something Taylor Swift might record.

After the song's release yesterday, Williams posted a note to fans on her Twitter feed, writing, "Thank you for the amazing response to 'In The Mourning'. Means a lot to see some of you quoting those lyrics. Enjoy!"

We like Paramore's signature sound, but it's great to see them try out a new musical direction.

Listen to Paramore's 'In the Mourning'