Paramore knows how to keep their fans charged up: By releasing new music even without a new album. 'Renegade,' the latest track to join the new Singles Club, is a peppy feel-good song that will undoubtedly get your blood pumping and your feet on the floor.

The band first premiered the new tuneage at NYC's Terminal 5 back in September, but the studio version is just now seeing the light of day. Like all of Paramore's tracks, 'Renegade' displays the beautiful-but-rigid vocal stylings of Hayley Williams, but brings a new element of self-satisfaction to the band's enormous song collection. It's familiar without being too familiar, if you catch our drift.

"And when I get there, it won't be far enough / I'm a renegade / It's in my blood / If ever I get there, it won't be fast enough / I'm a renegade / I always was," Williams belts in the chorus of the electric new track, showing her signature sass.

Diehard fans should join Paramore's Singles Club to get a first listen at the new singles before everyone else, in addition to new merch -- but more fairweather fans will still be happy to know that the band is releasing a new album, in full, sometime in 2012. From what we've heard so far, we think it might be a good one.

Listen to Paramore, 'Renegade'