If you're a parent of a 'Frozen' fan, then chances are your son or daughter may have grabbed your smartphone with the hopes of finding any games or apps related to the characters from the 2013 Disney animated feature. And while there are a few official Disney apps that may entertain your child for hours, there's a new, unofficial app that is getting a chilly reception.

Oh No They Didn't has discovered that an unauthorized 'Frozen' app featuring Anna from the movie has been released on iTunes and on the web titled 'Anna Gives Birth.' The animated character in the app depicts a young woman that bears a striking resemblance to Anna from 'Frozen.' According to the app's description on the iTunes App Store, "Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring. Now nine months had elapsed, and it's time to give birth to a baby. Anna needs a very experienced doctor to help her deliver her baby. Let's come to help her!"

The app then shows the various stages of pregnancy and even allows the user to give the fake Anna a c-section by cutting her open with a knife.

Many of the app's reviews features comments by angry parents who are upset over the idea of potentially exposing children to what may be disturbing to young fans.

The app was released in Nov. 2014 and as of today (Jan. 17), the app still remains on the iTunes Store.

So what do you think, 'Frozen' fans? Is the app unsuitable for children? You can see a walkthrough of the app by clicking on the YouTube video above.

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