Paris Hilton, house music queen? TMZ says the socialite is training with artists like deadmau5, Afrojack and David Guetta to become the next house superstar.

A source tells the site Hilton has been traveling the world, shadowing Afrojack and deadmau5, and that she will be appearing on stage with deadmau5 in the future. The source says Hilton is motivated to learn about house because no woman has ever taken over in that arena ... And she wants to become that person."

TMZ also claims Hilton is in Ibiza right now with Guetta, who just debuted at No. 5 with his latest project, 'Nothing But the Beat,' but his record label tells NME he has no plans to work with the 'World According to Paris' star. So much for that part of the story!

As far-fetched as the idea may sound, Hilton did release an album called 'Paris' in 2006 and had a Top 20 hit with 'Stars Are Blind,' which we still consider a guilty pleasure. And it would be cool to see a big-name female on the house music scene. We'll have to hear from the Afrojack and deadmau5 camps before we discount this rumor altogether.