Paris Hilton has denied a lot of things over the years, including the fact that she played a role in releasing her own sex tape that shot her to fame. She's adding another, albeit much less scandalous, item to that list: the song 'Louder.' And with good reason: It's really not her song!

The song samples Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' and was mistakenly and widely reported to be by Hilton, Flo Rida and David Guetta. However, it's actually a collaboration between Guetta and frequent feature artist Akon. The robotic female vocal is actually that of Natalia Kills. It's hard to see where anyone would have mistaken this for Hilton's voice or Flo Rida's flow, as the male vocal is distinctly Akon's and the female vocal could admittedly be anyone's, but lacks the vapid, flat quality Hilton showed on 'Stars Are Blind.'

After numerous reports (not us!) linked the former reality starlet and heirhead to the track, but Hilton took to Twitter to deny her involvement on the song.

This is the second track Hilton's had to shoot down as being rumored to appear on her upcoming sophomore album after she previously denied that the abortion that was 'Drunk Text' was going to be on the record.

Hilton's confirmed collaborators include not only Flo Rida, but also LMFAO and Snoop Dogg. We're estimating her lyrical content to be about as deep as a puddle.

Listen to Akon, 'Louder' Feat. Natalia Kills (And Produced by David Guetta