We sure have noticed Paris Hilton's absence from the music world over the past nine years. Admittedly, she did release that song "Good Time" with Lil Wayne in 2013, but most people probably confused it with the Owl City song so it never got its due radio play or public appreciation. That's all right, though, because she just released another song and video called "High Off My Love" featuring Birdman, swooping in to save us from the crushing mediocrity of the current pop landscape.

Here's the truth: it's an up-tempo, club-appropriate song, the more tequila shots the better. Paris' tinny voice is perfectly suited for the track's overwhelming, pulsing drum beat. Sure, it's no "Stars Are Blind," but it's better than anything her socialite cohorts have released over the past few years.

Speaking of which, have you forgotten about the reggae-influenced pop masterpiece "Stars Are Blind"? Absolutely not, and how could you? Countless semi-celebs and also Heidi Montag have tried to create their own musical legacies by releasing sub-par tracks, but none will remain a cultural footprint the way "Stars Are Blind" will.

Kim Kardashian tried it with "Jam (Turn It Up)," which is, arguably, the laziest Kim has ever sounded. Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak released "Tardy For the Party," which is probably the first time the word tardy has ever been presented so excessively in a single song, or any song. Then there was the aforementioned Heidi Montag's attempt at prolonging her relevancy with the promo single "Higher," along with its very necessary and very low budget music video.

So say what you will about Paris Hilton, but the collective consciousness of our generation probably feels similarly about her musical endeavors as YouTube user Ivonne Camacho did when she wrote in response to the "Stars Are Blind" video, "I f---ing hate myself for liking this song."

Watch the video for Paris' "High Off My Love" above and try not to feel the same way.

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