It's not a secret that Paris Hilton loves attention, but she might not like the kind she received in Vh1's 'Pop Up Video: One Hit Wonders.' The black and white clip for her 2006 single, 'Stars Are Blind', opens with a bubble that reads, "Great place to catch crabs." Ouch!

The video is quick to clarify that they meant the video's backdrop, Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. Follow up bubbles specify that Hilton doesn't have public lice, but that she's rumored to have herpes.

The clip features Hilton frolicking on a beach with an actor named Lucas Babin, that pop up bubbles revealed to be one of her exes. The video is a tribute to an Italian classic film, 'Blow Up'. There were no explosions on set, but there was plenty of smoke: giant mirrors and smoke machines were used to deter paparazzi. This would've worked better if Hilton didn't pose for their photos outside of her trailer!

The video is filled with other fun facts (Babin was also in Alanis Morissette's 'Precious Illusions' video, for one). Check it out below!

Watch the 'Pop Up Video' for 'Stars Are Blind'