Lindsey Pavao didn't live up to the past promise she showed on 'The Voice' with a morose performance of Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me.'

The Team Christina singer was set to originally perform a medley of Rihanna's 'S&M' and 'We Found Love.'  We wish she had stuck with this bold choice instead of going for the safer 'Part Of Me.'  Although Pavao may be the number one selling artist this season of 'The Voice,' we are worried for her future prospects on the show.  Aguilera proved to be right when she told Pavao that the performance felt one-dimensional in rehearsals.

The undoubtedly beautiful singer seemed nervous from the start.  The odd staging choices only hurt her more, as she began singing into a microphone held by two background dancers.  It was distracting and nonsensical.  Overall, the song was just too slow and Pavao didn't hit a sweet spot until the bridge.  She hit a few bum notes on the big chorus and sadly, it was a big mess overall.

Cee Lo noted the elaborate staging and thought she did a good job, though he had never heard the song before.  Adam Levine told her, "The pitch got away from you."  Blake Shelton didn't comment much on the performance, only telling her, "The good thing about you is that I'm already fan and I buy your music every time you perform."  Aguilera praised her artists individuality without really saying if she liked the performance or not.

We fear that Lindsey may turn out to be 'Somebody That I Used To Know.'

Watch Lindsey Pavao Perform 'Part of Me' on 'The Voice'