When it comes to partying, there are few people who can do it quite like the guys from LMFAO. Redfoo and Sky Blu, who are actually uncle and nephew, recently spoke to the AOL Music Blog about what it takes to perfect your partying skills, from avoiding "sausage parties" and picking the right music, to kicking the blues that often come hand-in-hand with rowdy nights -- and they're not talking about breaking up with your boyfriend in a drunken rage or crying because your friend ditched you to make out with some dude (don't act like you haven't been there ladies!).

First off, LMFAO strongly suggest playing music to set the party-rock mood. They then go on to explain that "If you bring dudes, you have to make them bring at least two nachos." FYI, what they mean by "nachos" are girls "that are not yours." Kind of misogynistic, but we guess it's part of the party-rockers lifestyle. Next, it's important to choose your poison wisely. "Gotta have shots," Redfoo tells AOL. "Something quick. I mean, beer is good, but I get bloated." Perhaps you can play LMFAO's 'Shots' to help set the tone for ripping back a few rounds of tequila.

Redfoo and Sky Blu then explain that people tend to get emotional when they are party-rocking, but do not fret. There are always chances for a good party in the future, even if the club shuts down or you are denied by a bouncer. "At the party, that's a very emotional thing when they turn on the lights -- that can be a downer," they explain. "It's very emotional sometimes that people can't get into the party. The velvet rope is likened to the Great Wall of China, or something. It's made to hold people. That's like segregation, the velvet rope."

Finally, LMFAO advise everybody to do their absolute best to have a wild good time. "We might get medieval, old-school, but evil is the opposite of a party," Redfoo says. Sky Blu adds, "You can't kill nobody at the party."