Yikes! Patrick Schwarzenegger -- the son of famed action-star-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- was reportedly involved in a car chase that took place in the Los Angeles area last week. According to TMZ, the whole thing started when an unknown man pulled up alongside Patrick and threw a water bottle at Patrick's car, then sped off.

This allegedly upset Patrick to the point of speeding off in the same direction as the man who threw the bottle, resulting in a car chase. The man he was chasing reportedly wound up doing a u-turn at one point which caused him to ram right into Patrick's car. The unnamed man then fled the scene immediately, so there's virtually no insight into what prompted the water-bottle-flinging in the first place.

Thankfully, the damage was mild enough that Patrick was able to drive over to a restaurant where he was meeting his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, for lunch. From there he reportedly called the police who spoke with Patrick and are apparently opening an assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

We're glad the incident didn't result in any serious injury or damage to property. And it looks like things turned out just fine for Miley and Patrick, who shared a super cute photo of themselves on Instagram just in time for Valentine's day. Patrick proclaimed himself the "luckiest guy in the world." Miley also posted a photo of them together for Valentine's Day, along with a shot of the balloon arrangement we're assuming Patrick got for her. Too cute!

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