Patrick Stump is teasing his upcoming 'Soul Punk' album with the release of the track 'Allie,' a song that manages to rock while revealing a soulful side at the same time.

'Allie' illustrates the extremes of Stump's 'Soul Punk' style. It opens with heavy guitars and drums before calming down with a cascade of plinking keys. The song takes a few unexpected twists and turns, like when the music drops out completely for two seconds in the second verse while Stump croons, "in a whisper, a capella."

Stump paints a portrait of a scared teen, hanging out with a girl he likes. "I'm drunk beyond my 15 years, wish to be anywhere else instead," he sings. "Allie, I was so good back then / But I wonder if I'd be so good if I saw you again." He adds regretfully, "You could've taught me such naughty things."

'Allie' is one of the more musically-engaging tracks we've heard lately, and the soul-baring story makes us feel Stump's pain. 'Allie' appears on 'Soul Punk,' which comes out on Oct. 18 and also features 'This City' and 'Spotlight (New Regrets).'

Listen to Patrick Stump, 'Allie'