Patrick Stump sings about stepping into the limelight on 'Spotlight (New Regrets),' a track from his upcoming solo album 'Soul Punk.'

While fronting Fall Out Boy, Stump didn't write lyrics -- that was Pete Wentz's job -- but here he pens all the words, provides several layers of vocals and creates all the music, which includes keyboards, drums and an infectious pop beat with a bit of a dance edge that sounds tailor-made for the radio.

Whether intentional or not, Stump offers several lines that seem to comment on his desire to move away from his previous band and achieve a successful solo career. "Oh nostalgia, I don't need you anymore," he sings, "Cause the silent days are over and the beat is at my door."

Stump sounds satisfied and confident as he declares: "You can be your own spotlight / You can be the star / You can shine so bright." The rock guitars from Fall Out Boy are nowhere to be found, but this is about as catchy as that band's best work.

He even throws in one of those clever one-liners that we're used to hearing him sing, even if he didn't write them in the past: "Depression is a little like happy hour, right / It's always gotta be happening somewhere on any given night."

Along with the recent single 'This City,' 'Spotlight (New Regrets)' will appear on Stump's solo full-length debut 'Soul Punk,' set for an October 18 release. An alternate version of the song called 'Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)' appeared on his digital EP 'Truant Wave,' which dropped earlier this year.

Listen to Patrick Stump's 'Spotlight (New Regrets)'