With Patrick Stump having shared the release date (Oct. 18) and the cover art for his new album 'Soul Punk,' the only detail left to announce was the tracklisting, which we finally have, courtesy of Idolator.

As Stump told PopCrush last month, he is personally responsible for the entirety of 'Soul Punk,' including lyrics, vocals, instruments and production.

That means the primary version of his single 'This City' is a solo recording, though the remix featuring rapper and fellow Chicago native Lupe Fiasco is tacked on as a bonus track.

Also featured prominently is 'Spotlight (New Regrets),' an infectious tune that surfaced online several months back.

The album does not feature any of the witty, full-sentence song titles that were a trademark of Stump's band Fall Out Boy. But that makes sense -- those always seemed like Pete Wentz's idea, anyway.

Here's the tracklisting for 'Soul Punk' and its deluxe version.

Patrick Stump 'Soul Punk' Tracklisting:

1. 'Explode'
2. 'This City'
3. 'Dance Miserable'
4. 'Spotlight (New Regrets)'
5. 'The “I” in Lie'
6. 'Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)'
7. 'Greed'
8. 'Everybody Wants Somebody'
9. 'Allie'
10. 'Coast' (It’s Gonna Get Better)
11. 'This City' (Feat. Lupe Fiasco) (Bonus Track)

Deluxe Version:

12. 'Bad Side of 25'
13. 'People Never Done a Good Thing'
14. 'When I Made You Cry'
15. 'Mad at Nothing'