Once again, Patrick Stump has come out on top in our 'Sound Off' battle. The 'Soul Punk' crooner beat out David Guetta and Usher's club banger 'Without You' with his Lupe Fiasco-featured track 'This City,' winning more than 95% of the votes! We don't think we've seen such an overwhelming win since we launched our 'Sound Off' series! This makes win No. 4 for Stump, so if he wins tomorrow we'll be forced to retire 'This City' to our 'Sound Off' Hall of Fame.

Now, Mr. Stump will take on a fellow guitar-wielding singer-songwriter in the form of Bruno Mars. Mars has been lots of airplay with his song 'It Will Rain,' which he penned for the new 'Twilight' flick. Do you think Patrick Stump can beat out the neo doo-wop singer? Cast your votes for either Patrick Stump's 'This City' or Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain' below and we'll let you know who wins tomorrow!

Listen to Patrick Stump, 'This City' Feat. Lupe Fiasco

Listen to Bruno Mars, 'It Will Rain'

Rules of ‘Sound Off’:
There’s only one rule for our ‘Sound Off’ series: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight days, it is retired to PopCrush’s ‘Sound Off’ Hall of Fame. With tons of great tracks coming out everyday day, we have to give other artists a chance to win!