Last week, a video made and posted by user James Wright on Facebook went viral for its over-the-top joyful, hilarious, and adorable review of superstar music legend Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies, exclusively carried at Walmart.

The review, which went mega-viral—we're talking over 10 million views since November 11—sent Patti's pies flying off the shelves. Increased demand following the video made the pies so appealing that Walmart has since been struggling to keep up with demand for the item, which was the second most searched item on the corporation's web-site prior to Thanksgiving, coming in second only after turkey.

As for James' tribute to the product? "You'll feel like Patti LaBelle after eating this!" Watch below:

In a heartwarming twist, not only did Patti call James to thank him for his spirited endorsement and praise him for his voice (James spends much of the video singing some of Patti's greatest, and quite well for that matter), but she also personally invited him to join her and her family for Thanksgiving at her Philadelphia home. As TMZ reports, Patti and James spent the evening eating (probably sweet potato pies), dancing, and singing (the two sang a duet of Patti's 1978 single "You Are My Friend").

To sweeten the deal, and since it was also James' birthday, Patti treated her fan to serenade, as well as gifted him with a Louis Vuitton duffel bag, allegedly saying that "he is going to be a world traveler." Awww!

"This has been the best Thanksgiving ever and it’s also been the best birthday ever and I’m very, very grateful," James has since shared on his Facebook page, adding, "And at this point in my life I’m kind of speechless but we serve an awesome God, a God that can change your life around in less than a second. I seek Him so I can be more and more like Him daily. Like I always say, when I’m done the whole world is going to be smiling. Thank you, Ms. Patti LaBelle."

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