Another one bites the dust. Paul Jolley was sent home on tonight's (March 21) results episode of 'American Idol.' The singer was in the bottom of the American viewing audience's votes, and the judges chose not to spend their sole save of the season on the singer with the happy last name.

Jolley performed Heart's '80s power ballad 'Alone' as his final song on the stage and he really did slay some of those notes. He does have a gorgeous voice, but for some reason, he doesn't quite stack up during the heat of battle. And so that was the end of the road for Paul Jolley.

The judges need to unanimously decide to use the save and Randy Jackson was sad to report that it was not unanimous and as a result, Jolley was out.

Jolley had had been in this position -near elimination -- in earlier, pre-live rounds, but show mentor and Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine gave him a pass through because of his "instrument" aka his voice. But there was obviously something that was not connecting when Jolley took the stage as part of the Top 10.

We'll miss you, Paul Jolley. You have a future in male pop-country music. You can be the male Taylor Swift if you keep it up. Just don't write songs about breaking up with 'Idol!' We kid, we kid.

The Season 12 contestants are now at the Top 8 mark. Tune in next week to see who sings what, and more importantly, who stays and who goes.