A year ago, Paul McDonald was competing for stardom on 'American Idol' and grabbing headlines for his budding (at the time) relationship with 'Twilight' actress Nikki Reed. The duo fell fast and hard, marrying quickly and collaborating on the song 'Now That I've Found You.' Nothing says "I love you" like authoring a love song together. Can we get an "Awwww?"

Now, the video for the couple's collabo has finally been released. Reed co-directed and it's full of shots of McDonald strumming on his trusty guitar as Reed looks lovingly into his eyes, touches his face and nuzzles him. These two are as in love as the day they met, as evidenced by all those deep gazes.

MTV'S Hollywood Crush chatted with the lovey dovey couple, and they gushed about each other's talents. Shocking, we know. If they weren't so cute, they'd be annoying.

"I'm always walking around the house with a guitar, and I'm always writing songs and stuff like that," McDonald said. "Nikki's a great writer and she always kind of sings along with me. I'm like, 'Dude, you have a great voice. Why don't we do something?' When we were on the way back from France, this song kind of happened on the plane. We just got together and wrote it."

How freakin' romantic is to pen a song on a flight home from France? It is, after all, a country known for harboring lovers.

McDonald summed up his wife-as-director, saying, "She's really good to work with. It all just kind of fell into place. She didn't boss me around too much." Sounds like a well-balanced pairing to us!

Watch the Paul McDonald + Nikki Reed 'Now That I've Found You' Video