Long before Paula Abdul was hittin' the bottle and acting a fool all up on national TV, the 'Straight Up' songstress was paying visits to her local plastic surgeon to pretty up her nose. And it seems she's been back in recent years to get some of that magic botulism (aka Botox) injected into her face.

Some believe Abdul has also had some work done on her brow area -- you know, just to get that naturally occurring "deer in headlights" look that so many women long for.

Either way, Paula's plastic surgery saga has been a tasteful story to date, though we can't say the same for her reality TV show judging career (which, unfortunately, is actually a way to pay the bills for some these days). She's avoided looking like her face has been molded by a kindergartner in art class, to which we give her major kudos. Bravo, Paula!

Now, keep your thoughts coherent, get out there and find the next biggest star on 'Bulgarian Idol!'

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Virgin