16-year-old 'X Factor' hopeful Skyelor is quite the gem. Not only is he a rarity since he is a black teenager singing country music, but his main motivation for wanting to have a successful music career? So he could get his mother to stop working so hard and help to support her. Um, where do we sign up for a son so thoughtful and gentlemanly?

We liked Skyelor off the bat.

When he began to sing Billy Currington's 'Must Be Doin' Something Right,' his vocals were slightly off, but then the music cut off. Instead of devolving into a disaster, Skyelor kept going. He didn't flinch and improvised, singing a capella and even got the crowd clapping along with him. The ability to bounce back during a difficult moment – remember, J. Lo did it when performing in front of a massive audience over the summer -- is certainly an 'X Factor!'

"I'm really impressed, but you need to work on your vocals," Paula Abdul told Skyelor. "But I believe in you." Her fellow judges were equally impressed with the teen for not giving up and getting knocked off his game.

He was upstreamed to the next round. With a little work on his vocals, could Skyelor be the next Scotty McCreery? We'll see.

Watch Skyelor Anderson Perform on 'X Factor'