As expected, the late Amy Winehouse, who passed away on Saturday, July 23 in London, is the cover feature on this week's issue of PEOPLE. The story focuses on a different aspect of Winehouse's saga. Instead of suggesting that the singer's death was a result of her rampant drug abuse, something that plagued her through much of her time in the public eye, the story positions the singer as low-key and laid-back in her final days.

Winehouse's last days on earth consisted of visits with mum and her doctor, and writing music. "She spent most days at home writing," one friend told the publication. Additionally, Sarah Hurley, who operates The Good Mixer, which was one of Winehouse's favorite pubs to frequent, called Winehouse a "sparkly character."

The PEOPLE story falls directly in line with the statement her bereft father Mitch Winehouse issued, saying that Winehouse was hardly the drug-taking party girl as she was depicted in the media. "Knowing she wasn't depressed ... knowing she passed away happy – it makes us all feel better," Mitch Winehouse. "She was the happiest she has been for years." He said that she had overcome her drug problems and had not drank alcohol in three weeks.

He also recalled that the last time they spoke "she had a found a box of old family photos and called me to go over to look. We spoke three times a day at least. She was very excited."

On the Friday before her death, he said, "That night, she was in her room, playing drums and singing. As it was late, her security guard said to keep it quiet and she did. He heard her walking around for a while and when he went to check on her in the morning he thought she was asleep. He went back a few hours later, that was when he realized she was not breathing and called for help."

He also proclaimed, "Amy was the greatest daughter, family member and friend you could ever had."

Despite that positive view on the singer's last days, other sources are saying that Winehouse was intent on partying the night before she passed, purchasing a lethal cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine. Sources claim she was seen buying drugs from a dealer in Camden just after 10:30 PM on Friday.

The toxicology reports are weeks away at this point. It sounds like Amy Winehouse was doing well and defeating her demons when she died, but the public's perception of her is what's fueling stories to the contrary.

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