Pepsi has just released a brand-new commercial, and this time around they aren't recruiting any new stars to appear in their advertisements. Instead, Pepsi has compiled some of their most memorable commercials to create one monster of a Pepsi montage. The all-new Pepsi ad features classic commercials from the soft drink giants, featuring cameos from Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and crooner/pianist Ray Charles.

The commercial opens with a guy swigging back a can of Pepsi backstage at a concert. As he takes a sip, he looks at the Pepsi logo and we are thrown into the montage of vintage ads as an upbeat song plays. The Michael Jackson commercials may be the most recognizable, as the King of Pop dances around in sparkly socks while later doing his famous kick-and-twirl in a sequined jacket and fedora.

Britney Spears also shows up for the Pepsi party, catapulting fans back to her heydey as a teenage superstar. Clips from her sexy commercial where she sings the 'Joy of Pepsi' jingle in a warehouse, wearing a midriff top, jeans and a Pepsi logo bellybutton ring. She later shows up on a rooftop doing dance moves a la her '(You Drive Me) Crazy' video in front of a giant illuminated Pepsi sign.

Mariah Carey and Kanye West also appear in the commercial, with Carey looking like a divalicious angel from heaven and West leaving a stream of Pepsi's signature colors behind him. Ray Charles also shows up, singing in front of a piano with a bevy of beauties behind him.

Get ready for some serious nostalgia as you watch this ad!

Watch the New Pepsi Commercial Featuring Vintage Ads